About Us

Nitrosphere helps organizations expand their business around the globe and take advantage of the cloud by providing high value, high performance, secure compressions solutions that change the game for database administrators and application developers.

Nitrosphere is a provider of utility software compression products that accelerate, secure, and reduce the cost of operating applications and delivering data on a WAN or in the cloud. Unlike legacy WAN optimization or application acceleration platforms that cannot guarantee data integrity or delivery, Nitrosphere provides compression solutions that deliver end-to-end encryption,improve performance by up to 10X, guarantee data delivery, dramatically reduce bandwidth, lowers cost, increases availability, and ensure the integrity of SQL Server databases.

Nitrosphere delivers:

Real-time cloud-hosted SQL Server application performance and data movement in and out of the cloud

Global WAN optimization with advanced performance over high latency, unreliable networks

The only true end-to-end encryption solution that does not rely on middleman appliances

Nitrosphere was founded by veterans in the systems and database management industry with a mission to commercialize innovations in compression technology.  The company is based in Austin, Texas with happy customers worldwide.

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