Why Nitrosphere

Nitrosphere compression solutions are high impact, simple to use and are the secret weapon for any database administrator.  DBAs and architects use our solutions to increase their SQL Server replication performance over a WAN when bandwidth connections are a problem and latency is a concern.  Nitrosphere also helps DBAs deliver high performance cloud-hosted SQL Server applications that require regular data movement in and out of the cloud for maintenance and reporting.

Nitrosphere increases performance up to 10X enabling near real-time performance in bandwidth constrained and congested networks.  Moreover, Nitrosphere provides security through guaranteed data delivery and provides an end-to-end, high value solution that eschews the use of costly appliances.   While some solutions use a middleman approach to compressing data, the result is increased architectural complexity and risk of data loss.  Nitrosphere keeps it clean and simple – making our job harder and yours easier.  We remove failure points in the network to ensure data integrity end-to-end.

Any time SQL Server data must be replicated or moved across boundaries, Nitrosphere is there to make it fast, easy and secure.  Keep coming back to find out our next ingenious way to make your data management job easier and faster.

Try NitroAccelerator to find out for yourself!